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Mission. Vision and Values


University Library "Svetozar Markovic" (UBSM) is the central library of the University of Belgrade and the main library for all university and academic libraries in Serbia, as well as specialized libraries in academic institutions in Central Serbia. It collects, preserves and takes care of further use of the unique records of human creativity.

Allowing access to written knowledge, encouraging and supporting the flow of information, UBSM participates in educational, scientific, professional and artistic work of Belgrade and the Serbian academic community. It is the guardian of the written heritage of the University of Belgrade, and because of its long history, preserves and shares part of the Serbian cultural heritage.

University Library in Belgrade is an educational center with rich collections, services, and library and information knowledge. We participate in the educational and research work of the University, the intellectual and professional development of students as well as lifelong learning of all our users.


  • selection, acquisition, preservation and organization of access to original records of human thought and creativity, regardless of their ownership and form,
  • organizing digitization processes and managing digital collections of educational and scientific literature with consistent respect for copyrights,
  • organizing and managing repositories of doctoral dissertations in classical and digital form,
  • organization of library services on the internet and active participation in distance learning programs,
  • organizing and managing information system of scientific research at the University according to the European methodology CRIS
  • implementation of bibliographic control for works created under the auspices of the University of Belgrade and University of Arts in Belgrade
  • raising the level of information literacy, as well as professional and creative development of library users and librarians,
  • providing easily accessible, safe and comfortable space for a variety of customer services, and for librarians' work,
  • the use of innovative technology that provides a high level of productivity
  • incentives for professional communication and cooperation with partner libraries, colleges and other educational institutions in the region and the world, as well as the library and educational institutions in the country,
  • encouraging the development of creative ideas and dynamic organization that can respond to changing needs and goals of the University,
  • constant increase of efficiency through evaluation of accomplishments of the Library.
  • encouragement and support of scientific research and professional pedagogical and artistic work at the University,
  • organizing electronic repositories and physical collections of scientific and educational publications of the University,
  • Supporting free access to all information sources.



  • encouragement and support of scientific research, pedagogical, professional and artistic work at the University,
  • organizing electronic repositories and physical collections of scientific and educational publications of the University,
  • Supporting free access to all information sources.


  • commitment to quality,
  • acknowledgment of high standards of professional performance,
  • hiring the best staff, the best use of collections and resources for professional work
  • commitment to lifelong learning for personal development and prosperity of the institution,
  • continual improvement of work processes, procedures and services to meet the goals we serve,
  • fostering a high level of work ethic and being responsible for the work we do.


  • fostering equality and mutual respect for people,
  • encouragement of diversity in attitudes and openness to new ideas and events
  • respect for personality and individuality of each individual,
  • incentive for compassion, empathy and tolerance,
  • protecting the privacy and dignity of all customers and employees,
  • commitment to environmental protection in our community.

Intelectual Freedom

  • provision of free access to Internet services and information resources, regardless of their ownership and form,
  • support the independent decision-making, research and cultural development and lifelong learning,
  • maintain collections which represent different political beliefs and doctrines.