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Old and Rare books collection

The collection contains manuscripts, old and rare printed books, old magazines and newspapers, archival collection, and a collection of maps.

The collection of manuscripts, Cyrillic and Oriental books are invaluable.

From cyrillic manuscripts, including the partially preserved 90, the oldest ones date from the 13th Century: The Apostle's Gospel passage, written on leather, and the Psalter was found in a village near Bela Pecari in Raska. Of the numerous manuscripts written in cyrillic, 14, 15, 16 and 17 century, the most important Minej za mart-April from 1344 to 1345. The oldest surviving copy of Praise St. Simeon and St.. Savi by Theodosius in the second half of the 14th century, the Four Gospels from the mid 15th century manuscript from Baranja Dušan's Code of early 16th century panegyric written 1595th in the monastery of St.. Trinity near Pljevlja and others.

The collection of manuscripts in oriental languages, which consists of 397 to 633 volumes, in Arabic (498), the Ottoman (126) and Persian (9). The oldest manuscript dates from 1206. year. Mostly written in our territory, these manuscripts are mostly from the fields of law, history, literature, philosophy and so on. All manuscripts in this collection were scanned and included in the electronic catalog of the Library and the European electronic library Europeana Libraries.

From the earliest printed books from the 15th century incunabula to mention Oktoih prvoglasnik and Psalms with posledovanjem printed in Cetinje in 1494. and Biblia Latina in Nuremberg in the 1477th year, which is hand decorated. Important collection of books from the 16th century (srbulje), printed in Venice, Gracanica, Sebeš, Mileševo, Mrkšina church, Shkodra, Targovishte and Belgrade. Of these editions in particular Oktoih, printed in Gracanica 1539th year, which has an excellent line illustrations, woodcut with melody monastery of Gracanica on the first sheet. Also significant and well-preserved copy Cetvorojevandjelja, printed in Belgrade 1552nd year.

A large number of books in foreign languages, including the first edition of Mark Marulića in Latin De institutione bene vivendi, which was printed in Venice in 1506, the work Chronicorum printed in Frankfurt am Main in 1578, with an etching of the Belgrade Fortress, Ptolemy's Geography by printed in Venice in 1574, Il Regno degli Slavi Moor Orbini from 1,601th year, the famous Mercator Atlas, printed in Amsterdam in 1630, which includes a map of Serbia.

Of the many books from the 18th century, it should be noted Stematografija Christopher Žefarovic printed in Vienna in 1741, Bukvar Zechariah Orfelin (Venice, 1767), The Life and Adventures of Dositej Obradovic (Leipzig, 1783), History of the various Slavic peoples Jovan Rajic (Vienna, 1794), the first Serbian magazine - Slaveno Serbian Magazine-Zechariah Orfelin published in Venice in 1768. and the first Serbian newspapers - the Slavo-serbske vjedomosti, printed in Vienna, 1792-1794.

In particular, a large number of our books from the 19th Ages: Wolves pjesmarica and Pismenica (Vienna, 1814), first editions Duro Daničića, Branka Radičevića, Njegos, Preradovic, Svetozar Markovic as the only preserved original edition of the Constitution of the Principality Serbije, so. Sretenjskog Constitution, published in Kragujevac 1835th year.

Among periodicals are preserved: Zabavnik Dimitrije Davidovic 1834, Serbian newspapers of the first issue, published in Kragujevac in 1834, Newspapers Serbske issued in Vienna since 1813, edited by Davidovic and Frušica, Šumadinka Ljube Nenadovic in 1850, Danica Illyrian, Louis Gaj 1836, printed in Zagreb and many others.

Valuable archive collection contains letters and documents spanning from the late 17th to 20 century. The largest part of the collection is personal correspondence of famous people, with 4,000 units and approximately 22,000 printed pages.

The collection of maps and atlases contains old maps, which show our ends. The most important ones attracting the attention of etchings - Belgrade plans from 18th century.

The process of digitizing the most valuable rare publications and archival material in the course, and they are successively included in the digital repository and electronic library catalogs.