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Europeana Libraries

Web: www.europeana-libraries.eu

Status: In progress

Duration: 2011-2012


Europeana Libraries is a two year project that will bring digital collections from 19 leading research libraries from Europe to the Europeana portal (Europeana, collection of digitized materials from European archives, libraries and museums, www.europeana.eu/portal/ ) and TEL (The European Library, portal for European national libraries that is now open for research libraries as well, theeuropeanlibrary.org ).


  • 1,200 films and videos
  • 850,000 pictures
  • 4.3 million text documents (books, newspaper articles, theses, letters)


Several organizations are collaborating on the project, including the largest library network and 19 research libraries. Participants come from 14 European countries. The four major organizations that lead the project are as follows:

Description: Europeana FoundationDescription: CENLDescription: CERLDescription: LIBER

The coordinator is The European Library, and host is National Library of the Netherlands.

UCL (University College London) is the scientific coordinator, and the Instituto Superior Técnico is developing tools for aggregation. MDR Partners are project managers.

Content providers

Description of activities

University Library "Svetozar Markovic" is a partner in the project Europeana Libraries, mainly as a content provider, but also striving to gain knowledge needed for the successful implementation of projects in the field of digitization of cultural and scientific heritage.

University Library "Svetozar Markovic" in Belgrade has a very important and valuable collection of Alexander the Great.In 1928 due to reparations in Germany, Heinrich Christensen library was purchased for University Library in Belgrade.Christensen (1849-1912) was a professor of higher education in Hamburg and wrote about Alexander the Great.He collected about 150 books in 300 volumes, which have the same theme - Alexander the Great.The books are written in various European languages ​​and published in several European cities between 15th and 19th century.The oldest book originates from 1494.This collection contains 10 doctoral dissertations related to Alexander the Great, and has a total of 28,000 pages that will be scanned in TIFF format, compressed in JPEG, 300dpi, and converted to PDF.

Collection of oriental manuscripts in the University Library "Svetozar Markovic" in Belgrade contains 395 units of the 686 works. It contains manuscripts in three oriental languages: Arabic (525 works), Ottoman Turkish (149) and Persian (13).The oldest book originates from 1206.All the books come from the European part of the Ottoman Empire, and are strongly influenced by local traditions, spelling and language specific to the region.The collection contains 133,560 pages to be scanned in TIFF format, compressed in JPEG, 300dpi, and converted to PDF.

We believe that the Europeana Libraries project and its expansion to numerous libraries in Balkans represents a good path.Our library has been invited to participate in the project as a member of LIBER, and we believe that the LIBER is a professional organization that can help the Balkan countries modernize their libraries.


Email: Stela Filipi-Matutinović, Adam Sofronijević
Phone: +381 11 3370 515, 3370 160